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Claire Castleberry

Hi –
My name is Claire Castleberry. I am 11 years old and I’m going into 6th grade. I live with my mom and dad in Gillette, WY. I started riding when I was around 2 years old at local jackpots.
It has been all I have ever wanted to do. I tried soccer and basketball, but I enjoyed competing against myself like at jackpots and rodeos. My parents always say that I eat, sleep, breathe horses, and wouldn’t want it any other way. While they help me to succeed in every way it is up to me because I am the one running the race.

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This past fall we decided to branch out and compete in the National Little Britches in our area which are Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, and Colorado. I qualified in barrel racing and pole bending to compete in Guthrie, OK this summer. My goal is to have 2 solid runs in barrels and poles, and to make the short go. My horses are solid, and the average is where we succeed. I also competed in my first Vegas Tuffest Qualifier in April, and I am now qualified in barrel racing to go to Las Vegas in December.


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My goals for this year are a little different than previous years because I want to go to some larger events and challenge myself and to push through the pains of struggling. One of the goals was to qualify for the Vegas Tuffest which I accomplished already. I would like to compete at the All In Barrel Race while in Vegas too. Another one of my goals is to start jumping. I ride English at home while exercising horses and I started taking English riding lessons to improve my groundwork skills so I can jump. I am sure that my goals will change or grow as the year progresses.
I started feeding Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp products after a good friend of my mom’s (Jessi Miller) gave us the pellets to try on my barrel horse. From there they have become a supplement we will not go without because of the benefits we have seen in my horses. From helping my mare that has a cyst on her navicular bone to aiding my barrel horse to feel his best. We have always fed the pellets/cubes until recently talking with Misty and Dawn, we can give them the MtnMan CBD (It’s Golden). The ease of taking a small bottle that contains all the benefits of the cubes is helpful when hauling.
My favorite quote is “A winner is a dreamer that never gives up!”
Claire Castleberry

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