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Hemp Cubes are Superior to Pellets! Here’s Why:As more and more horse owners and trainers are recognizing the potential benefits of hemp for their equine partners, a wide range of products have entered the market. From tinctures and topicals to pellets and cubes, there are many different ways to provide hemp for your horse(s). However, not all hemp products are created equal, and it is important for horse owners and trainers to carefully evaluate the options available to them.

One product that has been gaining popularity among horse owners and trainers is hemp cubes. Rocky Mtn Girls Hemp cubes, in particular, have been touted as offering a full spectrum entourage effect and superior quality over hemp pellets. Let’s explore why hemp cubes may be a better option for horses than pellets, and why Rocky Mtn Girls Hemp cubes stand out from other products on the market.

Full Spectrum Entourage Effect

One of the key benefits of hemp cubes is that they offer a full spectrum entourage effect. This means that they contain a high quality of beneficial hemp and terpene extracts that work together to provide a more powerful therapeutic effect. Rocky Mtn Girls Hemp cubes for horses are made by infusing easy-to-feed hay cubes with rich hemp extract from smokable grade hemp flower, which is the most robust source for full spectrum oil.

SHOP_Rocky Mtn Girls Hemp CBD Cubes for Horses are Better than Pellets

This is in contrast to hemp pellets, which are often made from post production hemp biomass. The majority of the phytonutrients in hemp biomass are extracted to be used in tinctures or other products, leaving behind only scant traces of the major compound left in the fibers of the biomass.

This means that hemp pellets do not offer the same full spectrum entourage effect as Rocky Mtn Girls Hemp cubes.

Superior Quality

Another advantage of hemp cubes over hemp pellets is in their superior quality. Not all hemp is created equal. Rocky Mtn Girls cubes for horses are infused with extract from hemp strains grown specifically for the purpose of producing high quality hemp based products, practicing organic and sustainable farming, and finished in small batches to ensure consistency and quality. Hemp pellets, on the other hand, are often made from hemp that has been grown for other purposes, such as fiber, which is lesser quality than smokable grade hemp flower. This hemp may not be of the same quality as hemp grown specifically produced for consumption, and the pellets may not be made with the same care and attention to detail as hemp cubes.

Easy to Serve

Hemp cubes are also very easy to give horses, one at a time like a treat without risk of losing milligrams through direct or bucket feeding. This is in contrast to hemp pellets, which can be difficult to serve in a way that ensures that all of the milligrams are consumed by the horse. Rocky Mtn Girls hemp cubes are hay based, which means that they provide a natural and nutritious source of fiber for horses. The cubes also contain flax, Omega’s 3,6 & 9, fatty acids, which can provide additional health benefits for horses and improve the absorption of the hemp compounds. 

Quick Draw Product for Performance and Recovery 

For performance horses, hemp cubes can be a great option for quick-draw products. Each Rocky Mountain Girls hemp Cube provides a fast 50 mg dose before loading on the trailer, and another dose is suggested after performance as well. For horses that need additional support for hocks, stifles, and other joints, Rocky Mtn Girls also offers ‘CHILL’ recovery hemp gel. For horses that require consistent daily doses for maintenance, there is an easy 25 mg cube option. 

How to Get Picky Horses to Eat Hemp Cubes 

While many horses enjoy the taste of Hemp cubes, some may be hesitant to try them at first. In these cases, the Rocky Mtn Girls recommend adding a little applesauce, molasses, or crumbling the cube into the horse’s grain or mash. For horses that are very picky, they recommend using a broad or full spectrum tincture directly on top of grains/supplements.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Rocky Mtn Girls Hemp products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ⚠️ Must be 21 years of age or older to purchase any ingestible full-spectrum hemp product in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming. * Products do not ship to California intended for livestock