Jace Angus

Jace Angus
Veteran & Pro-Bronc Rider


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It’s time to RODEO!  The Yellowstone effect has widened the road for rodeo viewers across the country… But the Rocky Mountain Girls want to introduce you to one of their newest Brand Ambassadors, Jace Angus: a true American Cowboy, US Veteran & Pro-Bronc rider! Jace has been in rodeo’s arena long before cable tv laid eyes on the “Yellowstone” men, women and horses, performing their best for the lens. His hands, his face, his heart tell a story of grit, courage, faith, and a God-given talent. We are proud to be a part of his team!

Brand Ambassador Highlight

Having skill simplifies the chaos of the ride, even in life.  Jace is highly skilled not only to compete against the awesome power the bronc can throw, but to defend America, her citizens at home and abroad.  Something special about Jace that stands out more than the commitment to serve, more than the 8 second ride, the sponsor patches, the protective vest, the lights, the arena, the passion is that Jace is not ashamed to say to Whom he belongs. None of us ride the bucks in life perfectly, but the stitched name Jace wears on his collar, JESUS, is backed by more than a human company, or

government, but by God.  The Way Maker and the One who assigns angels to you, the One who died for you so you can be forgiven of all sin, be restored in right standing with God, and Who is our refuge and strength, and a very present help in trouble, says Psalm 46:1.


JESUS is not just on the outside, but on the inside, bringing choice to change, to believe, life in abundance, and He opens doors that are too hard to open on your own. The Rocky Mountain Girls are incredibly excited about the doors that we see opening for Jace, to do good, to take Jesus into arenas, into partnerships with people who also want to do good.

Jace has a special place in the Rocky Mtn Girls hearts that won’t be forgotten. Our daughters got their start in barrel racing at Jace’s very first unique rodeo school, Tier One Rodeo Boot Camp in June of 2019.  It was life changing for the 3 girls, they walked away with skill and passion to pursue the practice required to become great at barrel racing, they also learned so much about bronc riding as they got to see and learn right alongside those brave enough to get on!

Giving back is powerful! Thank you Jace Angus! We look forward to supporting you, watching you under the rodeo lights, doing what you are passionate about and hope that you grow Tier One Rodeo Boot Camp for all those who have a rodeo dream! Continue sharing your passion and talent with many more families and generations to come!

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We hope you take a few minutes to read the following Bio of Jace Angus: “A Force to be Reckoned with” by Gwynn Turnbull

Who is Jace Angus?

It is commonly said that sometimes the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree. Fourth generation saddle bronc rider Jace Angus might be one such apple, but there is nothing common about him.

Born in Lakeview, Oregon, Angus was raised in a ranching environment. His ties to agriculture ran deep, with a family tree steeped in bronc riding history. His father, grandfather and great grandfather all rode broncs in the high deserts of the American west and later competed in the rodeo arena…


Late by some standards, Angus started his bronc riding career at 19, forgoing the usual high school rodeo scene. After watching a Super Cross race in Reno he was bitten by the motocross bug. In addition to riding motorcycles, he wrestled, boxed, and dabbled in martial arts. At first pass his interests seemed diverse, though a closer look revealed a common thread. The kind of high tensile thread that holds great dreams together.

All of these pursuits required a high level of athleticism, intense focus and a special kind of mental toughness.

When Angus finally turned to his rodeo heritage, the delay proved no issue for the young athlete. He began riding bulls then switched to the event that had always been a family staple. The event that beckoned to him through four generations of history, tradition and genetics: Saddle Bronc Riding. The transition was a good one. So when higher education called, he studied Equine Science and Kinesiology while winning the West Coast Region and easily qualified for the College National Finals Rodeo twice.

Angus continued to rodeo, qualifying twice for the CCPRA Circuit Finals, twice the CPRA Finals runner up, and three times qualifying for CPRA Finals. He also qualified twice for the PRCA First Frontier Circuit Finals, became the PRCA First Frontier Circuit Finals Champion and average winner. He qualified twice for the Dodge National Circuit Finals was named PAFRA Rookie of the Year in the bronc riding and All Around and three time PAFRA World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider.

No small feat. Many cowboys would be content with such a start to a career, at least as long as their physicality allowed it. But Jace Angus ran deeper than that.

Sometimes our elders whisper to us from their past.

After a friend in the military lost his life while serving, Angus felt compelled to shoulder his share of the burden of defending his country and preserving the freedom that he had enjoyed. He enlisted in the United States Army at age 28, stepping quietly into the footsteps of his great grandfather Ray Blasingame, a bronco man on the historic ZX ranch of eastern Oregon. Blasingame was quietly known for his service in WWII as a member of the 101st Airborne Division, one of 6000 men who parachuted behind German lines in the predawn hours of the D Day invasion at Omaha Beach in occupied France. His injuries earned him two Purple Hearts and his proficiency in action earned him both a Bronze and Silver Star.

Quite a whisper, eh?

When asked about the draw of military service, Angus quickly replied that he wished “to be a part of a like minded team of warriors.“

That wish was granted as Angus became a Mountain Infantryman, Security Force, and deployed to the Horn of Africa; a forbidding landscape of desolation, despair and violence.

Once back on US soil Angus blended his love of rodeo with lessons learned from his military service. He and a friend brainstormed an innovative approach to rodeo schools. They organized a unique combination of rodeo and military experience and created Tier One Rodeo Bootcamp. The inaugural school was a success. More of these schools are in the queue.

With close to 10 years bronc riding experience and his military service behind him, Jace Angus is now locked and loaded for a whirlwind year. He’s got the chops, the heart, the experience to go the distance and is committed to going hard in 2023 on the pro circuit.

Going down the road professionally will take everything he’s got. His talent, his determination and of course, funding. In hopes of garnering much needed sponsorship, he’s set his sights high. With such a powerful legacy behind him and the addition of his 2 ½ year old son Ryat, Angus has a lot to ride for.

Jace Angus has matured into a unique combination of things. Intelligent, confident, modest, driven. Like all great warriors he’ll hold the truth of his abilities close to the vest. And yet there lies a brewing intensity just below the placid surface. An intensity that could carry him to the pinnacle of excellence if the universe would have it so.

Time will tell.

Here’s to that apple tree, to a commitment to family, to country, to the legacy we all discover when we finally hear our calling on the wind and follow our heart.

Pictured above: Jace Angus and son, Ryat

His Record 

-2X qualifier for the CCPRA Circuit Finals
-2X CPRA Finals runner up
-3X qualifier for the CPRA Finals
-2X qualifier for the PRCA First Frontier Circuit Finals
-PRCA First Frontier Circuit Finals Champion
-PRCA First Frontier Circuit Finals Average Winner
-2X qualifier for the Dodge National Circuit Finals
-PAFRA Rookie of the Year in the bronc riding
-PAFRA All Around Champion
-3X PAFRA World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider

His 2023-24 goals? 

Jace Angus hits the rodeo trail hard in 2023. He’ll be competing in the Saddle Bronc Riding, a rough and tumble event that pits 1200 lbs of outlaw equine ambition against rodeo athletes willing to risk it all. 2023 will most likely be a prep year to boost earnings to qualify for the “biggest and toughest” rodeos in 2024. Those rodeos have payouts large enough to boost Jace into the running for the top 15 in the world and qualify for a spot at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas and take a run at the world title.

If you think Jace would be a great addition to your team, please reach out to Jace, MTNMN, or the Rocky Mtn Girls (Contact info at the bottom).

Want to see more from Jace Angus?  Check out this special, “Ranch America” trailer from the Outdoor Channel with Jace and Gwynn Turnbull:  https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1664901140641582 

Castle Rock 2022 Rodeo, Jace Angus:

Outdoor Channel’s “Ranch America” trailer with Jace Angus & Gwynn Turnbull:

Pictured above: Jace Angus and son, Ryat


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