What to expect with lessons for myself or my child?

I look forward to talking to you about where your headed, I’m well versed in many disciplines, but I enjoy helping rider and horse to better understand each other, and help train your horse through you. There are lot of variables for lessons, typically they are $45 for approximately an hour, I will travel, let’s talk about it.  Message me and we can go over the details.


Fallon has given my 11 year old daughter barrel lessons over the last year. Tears, sweat, dedication, and hard work have led to consistent success in the arena! Fallon doesn’t baby my daughter… she knows her abilities and pushes her to limit! That is exactly what an instructor should do! Maya got a step-up horse last year and had to figure him out. It wasn’t easy… but Fallon was there for her every step of the way. She encourages her, pushes her, and TEACHES her. She has a great way of helping her students understand the goal and breaking it down piece by piece to get there. When she has a win in the arena, Fallon is the first person she wants to call… when she has an off run, Fallon is the first person she wants to watch the video and help her figure out what happened. We love Fallon and so appreciate everything she has done for Maya and her boy, Jordan! Thank you Fallon!!! – Misty

FX3-Performance-Horses-FX3-Crew-2“I highly recommend Fallon as a horse trainer, riding instructor, and expert in all things equine.  Fallon is my 13 year old daughter’s (Abby) riding instructor.  Abby is learning barrel racing.  Fallon is a wonderful, kind, and patient teacher.  She is intuitive to her student’s needs and modifies her approach based on how they best learn.  Abby has learned so much and has gained tremendous confidence since riding with Fallon.  Fallon has been such a great resource for us and source of knowledge and, as we are new horse owners, she’s guided us in so many ways including saddle fit, gear we needed, what works what doesn’t, etc.  She has worked with so many horses that she’s able to quickly assess their individual quirks and needs.  She led us through a process with our horse that included changing his diet, bridle and bit, and some other things that quickly led to changed behavior, for the better.  She has ridden all of our horses and given us tips and tricks for working with each of them as well as provided input and assistance in their physical health and care.  She answers all of my questions, even explains things that I didn’t even know I needed!  She always goes above and beyond and continues to exceed all of my expectations.  She is not merely an instructor or a trainer, she is the all around expert equine partner and consultant that you need!”

-Rachel M.

“My goal is for my students to have confidence in where they are headed, and be knowledgeable in their horsemanship.”  -Fallon