She is Forever by Dawn Francis_Rebel-Faith


The bigger picture
A click away
You say, you say
We do not know
Long, long time ago
Long, long way ahead

Dig up bones
Discern roads
Miles once traveled
Mystery to unravel
Story or myth
Giants & rifts
Battles & blood
Children & the flood
Quiet & still
Ink on papyrus
Eyes on King Cyrus

Crowns of glory
Kingdoms echo
Beckoning calls
Look for horses
Deep in sea stalls

Lift your eyes
One more surprise
Time will come
She is forever
Holding the hour
Decrees in the wind
Sands in her hair
Trials of the ages
Sandals still there

Time to see
Click the sign
Count the money
The living
Keep files
Of questions & miles
An outpouring
of words
Watered down

Liberty rises
Freedom’s face
Kiss the feet
Of truth
Forever awaits
Judicial review
Signed in blood
Nailed upon the Door
The Word
& His bride
Forever more
Time is
“She is forever” by Dawn Francis inspired by the Holy Spirit on 6-30-24