Custom Acrylic Painting


Please note: The $100 payment is a deposit. See below for detailed list of pricing and additional information about your new custom art piece!

12″ X 16″ up to 16″ x 20″ = $175
16″ X 20″ up to 30″ x 40″ = $200
30″ x 40″ and up starts at $325

Have you wanted a portrait of your horse but you don’t want it to look exactly like the photo because why not just print the picture, but you don’t want a cartoon drawing of your horse? Well here’s your chance to have a realistic painting done but with an artists stroke of the paint brush. Once purchased message me some of your favorite things about your horse so I can get a feel for their personality as well as 3-5 reference pictures, and I will get to work creating a beautiful representation of your best friend!