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Fallon & Eden Rocky Mtn Girls Brand Ambassador_FX3 Performance Horse


Fallon’s Favorite Rocky Mtn Girls & MTNMN hemp products for her FX3 Performance Horse Team BEST daily heath + performance

Body Balancing Skinny Drops by Slenderiiz

Original price was: $176.00.Current price is: $150.00.

  • Homeopathic Natural Ingredients
  • Hormone Free
  • Body Balancing Skinny Drops are helping thousands with the following and may help you too…
  • Balance hormones
  • Mood swings
  • Night-Sweats and or hot flashes
  • Thyroid support
  • Detox Liver
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Targeting Stubborn Visceral Fat
  • Curb Appetite
  • Cravings & Unhealthy Eating
  • Blood Sugar & Cortisol Levels
  • Organic Weight Loss
    ** Purchase is final at discounted price of $150.00.
    ** For 30 day money back guarantee see details below 
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Custom Acrylic Painting


Please note: The $100 payment is a deposit only. See below for detailed list of pricing and additional information about your new custom art piece!

12″ X 16″ up to 16″ x 20″ = $175
16″ X 20″ up to 30″ x 40″ = $200
30″ x 40″ and up starts at $325

Have you wanted a portrait of your horse but you don’t want it to look exactly like the photo because why not just print the picture, but you don’t want a cartoon drawing of your horse? Well here’s your chance to have a realistic painting done but with an artists stroke of the paint brush. Once purchased message me some of your favorite things about your horse so I can get a feel for their personality as well as 3-5 reference pictures, and I will get to work creating a beautiful representation of your best friend!

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Pre-Work Digital Custom Design


This is for you if you like my custom hats and want your own (or are sending as a gift!), but aren’t sure you will love it. Before spending the full price tag of the finished custom hat to see what it will look like this is your chance to test the waters and see if you’ll love it first! There is no obligation to purchase the hat after the design unless you feel confident and you must have it! Similar to a tattoo artist, this gives you the chance to see if I am the artist you want to design your dream hat without the full commitment.

This fee does not apply to your custom hat if you do decide to go through with the full custom* For the people with cold feet!

This design is yours, although you cannot use it for resale purposes.

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‘The Mountains Are Calling’ Burned Hat


Hand burned western fashion hat. “The mountains are calling” is burned into the brim and a mountain scene is burned into the crown. The navy blue is a size SMALL fitting most people that wear a 6 3/4″ – 6 7/8″ sized cowboy hat or a 21″ head circumference and the beige is a size LARGE fitting most people that wear a 7 1/4″ 7 3/8″ size cowboy hat or a 23″ head circumference.

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Squash Blossom Burned Fashion Hat


This is a hand burned and painted western fashion hat. The squash blossom design was burned in and the “stones” were then painted to look like white buffalo turquoise. There are additives in the paint to avoid flaking or peeling so it is built to last. The navy blue is a size MEDIUM. Fitting most people that wear a cowboy hat in the size 7 – 7 1/8″ or a 22″ head circumference.

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Custom Digital Sketch


Portrait, Pet, Memorial, Gift!

This is a custom hand drawn digital artist sketch in my style, any picture of you and your horse, goat tying, breakaway roping, barrel racing, trail riding, showing, jumping, whatever it is that you do I can give you something one of a kind and unique to have forever… The best part though… It’s digital so you can print it as many times as you want to, on anything you wish, as long as its for personal use or friends (we can talk about sales use if you’re interested!).

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Customize Your Own Burned Hat


Pick out your own hat to have a custom design burned into + customize with accessories (feathers, playing cards, gemstones, etc). Let’s make the hat of your dreams!

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Custom Digital Art


If you have a pet you love and just want more of, you can have a hand drawn artist digital piece made of them to hold onto forever! This digital piece can be printed large or small, hung on a wall, put in your wallet, framed, put into a locket, printed onto a t shirt, hoodie, jacket, etc! Once you purchase the listing send me some pictures of your furry friend and I’ll get to sketching. I’ll send you multiple proofs and anything you want changed can be before its finalized and emailed to you.

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Fallon Francis & Eden TX ‘23 Bri Hall Photography
To keep up with this cowgirl, you need to know where to look! MO native to CO to TX, at 20 years old she has proven to be a self branded entrepreneur. At the age of 16 she started FX3 Performance Horses, LLC and knew she had to pursue barrel racing, destined to not let go of the beat of the horse, but to cultivate it into her whole life, in her art, driving her to overcome, to win.


However her goals continue to evolve; she creates her own trail in life. This inspires the Rocky Mountains Girls and many others who hear the calling to follow an inner compass set so intrinsically to a unique wholeness and God driven purpose.

She can be found creating a silent tale in front of the camera, or in sweltering Texas heat, fine tuning her edge to make way for her passion for barrel racing, clearly seeing herself at the NFR… calculating that future run, growing and training her winning FX3 team of Performance Horses, and investing her talent in client horses along the way. She just has a way with horses, and a wisdom that some can’t quite define. But, if you ask her, she certainly knows the mystery of God in man and the mental muscle built to learn the way of the horse.


She’s courageous. Moving to Texas at 19, and in less than 2 years she has proven to be a force you want on your team! She brings a lens of possibility to any situation, whether turning your failing boarding facility into a prospering one, or a solid rock to lean on when you most need it. She’s relentlessly committed to whatever she puts her hand to, whether a colt, a business or a friendship, given the opportunity, she sees you.

Fallon & Eden TX ‘23 | Bri Hall Photography


With a dash of fairy tale timing, Fallon recently was engaged (March 2023) to a superhero in his own right, Joe Hunn, Veteran AF Snyper Instructor, Air Force Guard, Police Officer, and cowboy. Together they have merged their talents forming a super power to shape their new ranch into a place fit for this cowboy & cowgirl’s dream. If you ask Joe, he would maybe share what we don’t get to see, the mostly messy process of her other passion for creating art; custom burned fashion cowgirl hats, custom horse paintings, metal-smithing custom brand pendants and rings, her wild draw to dig through estate and garage sales for treasure to list on her ebay store, she’s also a real superhero nanny for a few special TX families too… get connected with her social media to see what she throws in the ring next!

FX3 Custom Burned hat by Fallon Francis

When recently asked about what is going on in her barrel racing world, and her goals for 2023; she shared that she keeps her eye on the NFR horizon, but for now she is incredibly happy that she is getting to compete with the tough crowd of north TEXAS cowgirls, and each race is an exciting opportunity to pull a check, knowing you are one thousandth of a second in or out of the money, saying, “I’m driven for sure, and it’s fun, this is what I love doing.” She loves this life with her horses… all of them!

Fallon Francis & Caspian BBR World Finals 2023-1

Fallon is looking forward to heading to the PAFRA World Championship this November in NM, then on to the Patriot in Vegas this December, having qualified on her boy Caspian. In between there she’s going to fill out her WPRA permit this October. She has added an incredibly special Sugar Bars stallion to her performance team, getting him ready to compete and present breeding opportunities in the near future, hoping he’ll shine bright with the charm he’s proven to her on into the coming rookie year of rodeo!

She also shared how she loves finishing barrel horses, not so much in love with training colts, but for the right ones, she can’t help but to feel drawn to the deep connection made with a horse as you lay the the first layer of their life long career with humans.

Investing in where your heart calls, being intentional and fully present, taking in all that you can of what is before you… The Rocky Mtn Girls see our chosen Brand Ambassadors, and Fallon continues to be an inspiration to “Do you.” She has been sharing the amazing benefits of Rocky Mtn Girls CBD for horses for many years, and we are proud to have her on our team and to be on her team…FX3! She is a Distributor in north TX, and you can pick up products from her at local races she posts she’ll be at and available to chat about product details. Head over to FX3company.com to order Rocky Mtn Girls products through her link, stores for her custom art, social media & website.

If you are inspired by this cowgirl’s creativity and grit, connect with her; invest in Fallon & her pursuit of equine dreams… hit her venmo button… buy this incredibly talented young lady a coffee, an entry fee, add her to your prayer list. We all have opportunities to invest in people around us and it’s not always monetarily, but with what you may have in hand! If you think she’d be a great fit for promoting your company’s product or service, reach out to her on one of her social media platforms.