Who Do You Say I Am?

Who Do You Say I Am? Look to the system Quick to learn Who is [...]

“Breath of Faith” by Dawn Francis

BREATH OF FAITH Poetry by Dawn Francis, Art by Fallon Francis Cowgirl Artist Store What’s [...]

“Revelation Color” by Dawn Francis

REVELATION COLOR You cannot stop days Agree with God Create Horizon of promise Hope In [...]

“Mirror” by Dawn Francis

MIRROR Me How to see Immanuel Says Look again Can you Now see? For yourself? [...]

“Truth” by Dawn Francis

TRUTH Observe All that you see Align with Me Holy Trinity Bend in the tree [...]

RECOMMENDED: “Seek & Gather” by Dawn Francis

RECOMMENDED -Seek & Gather for Spiritual Growth Worship together, support, give & grow in your [...]

“Undone” by Dawn Francis

Undone Let me become All that You see For Your glory I am swallowed up [...]