“Undone” by Dawn Francis

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Let me become
All that You see
For Your glory

I am swallowed up
Granted permissions
In living memory
Communion at Sea

Willing yet ignorant
Mortal cloth
Your color changes me
Naked am I
Serving eyes
Kind quality
Grace covers
God sees me

With precision
He delivers complete
Yet ignorant
Of His intentions
He cometh for what is His
To Him I sing my song
Offered up, my story
Developing reverence

Melody from my name
Holy are We
Sugared kisses
Meaning more
And more
Having tasted
Lips of Destiny
Changing me
Into His place
Nailing me
Into His heart
A graceful art
Hung to display

Wise men never stopped to question
Covering soul with cloth
The end
Of me being
The climax is blinding
Me to this world
He spoke
Light be
So be it
In me
For you
Revel in

To knock
I appreciate
Space reserved
Yes and Yes
A new beginning
Drums the chest
The rasp of the drake
The hollow of the lake
Bouncing rays
Reflecting day

Will come
My will
Saw mill and smile
Purposeful work
All the while

Love alters
The bite
Of waters marred
Drink plenty
Of this jar
Many hands hold to lips
Answer found in tiny sips

And you shall not die
You know
Father and His Christ
Whom He sent
Holy Spirit Life

-Dawn Francis, The secret place 1-31-24