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Rebel-Faith contributors are followers of Jesus, sharing God’s story unfolding in them through poetry, art, stories & more.

“Breath of Faith” by Dawn Francis

BREATH OF FAITHArt by Fallon Francis, Cowgirl Artist StoreWhat’s in store?FaithWhat’s in Faith? Clarity falls freshTendrils of snowTo knowThe TongueAngel imprintsBlanket of white TouchBolster & buttonFasten just rightSet sailNew heightsThe case for newIs greaterThis DoorMerger on the floor I’ve blessed youTake the reignsCreateI have sequestered youFor this dayEmerge triumphantI depositWhat is needed Ranch’n Vibes?Rich in […]

“Authentic” by Dawn Francis

  AUTHENTIC CreatingViewsNo oneMay ever accessUntil you doUntil you formUntil you speakReleaseFrom the originalOrigin of image From whereHeart or mind?GuardFiery swordMadeIn His imageSelf governWe are knownBy our art For eyes to tasteTo discernWho madeThe originalDNA isA pallet of detailDescribing youTo the Dawn Francis 3-12-24

“Revelation Color” by Dawn Francis

REVELATION COLOR You cannot stop days Agree with God Create Horizon of promise Hope In Christ With God All things Paint with light You have been given Grace Revelation’s color Magnet of Valor Wisdom tucks Edges of Truth Inner Witness Hit the note Choir sings Holy, Holy, Holy Are you God Almighty Lord God Note […]

“Mirror” by Dawn Francis

MIRROR Me How to see Immanuel Says Look again Can you Now see? For yourself? The mystery? God in me What shade Is He? What can define One without time? I may draw His face Line after line In between I see me To define Characters And grace A new race Born of God Undefiled […]

“Truth” by Dawn Francis

TRUTH Observe All that you see Align with Me Holy Trinity Bend in the tree Discover Living water Hear what you Have not Give time Receive not Fallen angels War is dealt Human wealth Center stage Debate of the age Transparency Requires truth Who has it? Who does not? What is real? What is not? […]

“Undone” by Dawn Francis

Undone Let me become All that You see For Your glory I am swallowed up Granted permissions In living memory Communion at Sea Willing yet ignorant Mortal cloth Your color changes me Naked am I Serving eyes Kind quality Grace covers God sees me With precision He delivers complete Yet ignorant Of His intentions He […]